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If you've been touched by the beautiful message of What Really Matters and want to help make it available to others who might benefit from the stories and lessons it teaches, you are invited to help spread the word!

What Really Matters has a message with the potential to change the world, but the book is best shared by word of mouth, passed from friend to friend. There are several ways you can help make sure that everyone who needs this book has a chance to receive it:

  • Give the book to friends, and even strangers, as a gift.
  • Discuss the book at your book club.
  • Write a book review for your local paper, favorite magazine or website. 
  • Donate a copy to your local library.
  • Ask your favorite radio show to invite the author as a guest.
  •  Put a display of these books on your counter to resell to customers if you own a shop or business. We can make books available for resale in quantities as small as 10 at wholesale rates, so you can make some money, as well as have an excellent discussion-starter on your counter.
  • Buy a set of books to donate to hospices, cancer treatment centers, hospitals, battered women's shelters, prisons and rehabilitation centers where someone might really benefit from the message of What Really Matters.
  • Subscribe to the Creative Healing Newsletter HERE for updates and other information about What Really Matters.
  • Use the internet to help Spread the Word by following the suggestions below for email and social media sites.
Send an Email

Here's an example of an email that one reader sent out to 100 of her friends and family members:

 Dear Friends and Family:

I’m writing to tell you about a book released just last week:

 What Really Matters - 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying by Karen Wyatt, M.D.  (ISBN 978-1590792179)

I recently read this book and couldn't wait to tell you about it.  

Karen is a family physician from Colorado who dedicated ten years of her practice to hospice service.   She is also a wonderful writer, and she’s woven the stories she gleaned from those years of working hospice into a valuable guidebook for living life to the fullest, with important lessons on recognizing priorities, the power of forgiveness, getting past our fears, and many others.

I highly recommend this book to you all.  If you’re lucky enough to still have a good bookstore nearby, please order it from them.  That’s always easier if you have the full info, so I’ve included the full title and ISBN number above, which will make your local bookseller very happy. 

If you’re among the too many no longer living within reach of a good bookstore, it is available online as well through Amazon or through Karen’s website, http://www.karenwyattmd.com/home.htm.

Once you’ve read it, I’ll be interested to hear from you.  And if I’m correct, a year from now you’ll be saying you were among the first to hear about Dr. Wyatt and her book.

You can copy and paste this text or change it to include your own message.


Please click here to visit the book's Amazon page. A few things you can do on this page: 

  • Click the Like button near the title (note: this is not the same as the Facebook Like button - Amazon has their own)
  • Write a review. Go here and then click the 'Create your own review' button.
  • Tag the book. Scroll down to "Tags Customers Associate with this Product: and feel free to tag some of the terms from the book, such as spirituality, end-of-life, transformation, suffering, forgiveness, purpose, surrender, etc.



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