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Quotes "This new book of Karen's has invaluable insights about the real reason for hardships in life, and how if we embrace the experience, get the value from it, we can quickly move on to a new and exciting life. Karen understands the meaning of unconditional love in human terms and gives her unique perspective as a healing professional with the power of forgiveness, living in the present moment, developing your creative talents and the incredible benefits of facing your fears. A masterpiece of human understanding. A must read!" Quotes
John Longhill
Executive Director - Swan Center Outreach

Quotes I am about to finish your book and cannot tell you how impressed I am. We have had many very good books on the program. but it is rare that we have one that is as important as yours. If I could, I would make your book mandatory reading for anyone over 40. You are a terrific writer and the themes and stories are both poignant and a lesson for all of us. Quotes
John Austen
Host of Book Club Radio Program

Quotes I am a 57 year old woman going through breast cancer treatment for the second time in seven years. You would think reading stories regarding life and death from people who eventually die of cancer would be the last thing that would help my emotional state, however, on the contrary, it has been the most inspiring book I've read during this intense six month visit with mortality through cancer treatment. Karen's book, so beautifully, takes the fear out of dying, as well as the fear out of living. Whether the outcome of cancer is to stay here longer or join ancestors in the spirit world, fear has no place in either experience. The philosophy for living and dying shared in this book is for people of all ages- don't wait. Quotes
Mary Lou Taylor
Cancer Patient

Quotes There's nothing like the relief of finding what you're looking for. Quotes
Terri Barr